What’s This About?

I’ve been putting off writing this first post for long enough, because I’ve been excited and nervous to jump into something new but also afraid of failing. See, I’ve had a blog, and a vlog, before and both slowly fizzled out. But I’m approaching this new venture with a new sense of purpose and organization, and also a decade more of life experience. Maybe having a baby has helped me get a better sense of my priorities (I hope so!) but I’m determined to make this blog great!

That said, I want to define what this site is about, and what it is NOT.

What is is about:

Real life. Not being perfect. Although I haven’t decided how confessional I want it to be. It will be about trying new things (and not always loving them). Struggling to create routines and healthy habits. Creating fun stuff with yarn and food. Answering questions you may have about veganism, crafting, and the intersection of the two, in a helpful way. Providing free tutorials, recipes and patterns, and some paid ones. Creating community and inspiration (for myself and others).

What this blog is NOT about:

Selling third party products or tons of affiliate links. Putting up Pinterest-worthy pictures of my home and life (I mean, I try to take nice pictures but I’m not looking to induce FOMO or create unrealistic standards of mom life). Saying that the way I live my life is the “right” way or looking down on people. Complaining.

Not everything will be about being a mom. Hey, I’ve only been doing it for a few months (eight to be exact). Prior to being a mom to Bea, my great loves were crafting, living vegan, and my husband. I’m hoping this blog will be a way to marry all of these loves together.

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