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WIP Wednesday: Baby Crochet!


Hello All,

I’ve been debating whether to share craft projects on here, as I said earlier I wanted to make this blog more focused on food and meal planning.

But, I am still a CRAFTY mommy and crocheting or crafting is still a part of my life. I can’t resist starting one or more yarny projects in my few spare minutes, usually at the end of the day after everyone is asleep, to clothe or entertain my daughter. And baby #2 has me starting to nest more, which includes wanting to sew little pants or knit booties! (oh I forgot to mention, it’s a boy!)

I’ve also been in the process of “konmari”-ing my craft room, which has me inspired to finish (or trash) several UFOs (UnFinished Objects).


WIP #1  Juniper Jumper

The latest item I’ve been chipping away at is a sweater for my almost 2-year old daughter. She has a few cardigans and almost all of them are pink or purple, so I wanted to make her a pullover in a more neutral color. Also, I was thinking this could be passed down to her sibling, before I knew the sex, so that was another reason to make it sage green and mustard yellow, two of my current favorite colors.



This pattern the adorable unisex Juniper Jumper from an Australian designer, Little Golden Nook.



It was really hard to decide which pattern to buy, they are all so precious and modern! For once I actually did a gauge swatch, and it’s a good thing I did; my stitches tend to be looser and I often have to go down a hook size or two. it’s kind of a big deal for me to commit to making an entire garment, even a baby one, and especially one that is mostly single crochet (a bit tedious), but I really think the end result will be worth it!

I’m using up some vintage Red Heart acrylic and praying I have enough for the sleeves at this point. I finished the back last week, and am almost done making the front. Maybe going down a hook size has me eating up more yarn than the pattern calls for? I can always make contrasting sleeves, right? What do you think of the color combo?



WIP #2  Knitted Booties for Baby Boy

I haven’t actually started this yet, but I got the urge to start making booties or socks for baby boy due in July, so I went ahead and picked out some colors. I’m not a fan of the grey and blue trend right now in boys clothing. I still like sweet pastels for all genders, because they are just babies. I picked out a pale minty green and off white that looks almost yellow for an accent or second pair.

Also, I’m not a great knitter, but baby booties are one of the easiest and quickest things to knit. I would say it’s quicker to knit than to crochet them and they come out a lot stretchier and cuter, in my opinion.

Both of these yarns are Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice which is probably my favorite acrylic yarn because it is so soft.  (Psst Lion Brand also has a great library of free patterns!) But, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to use up the acrylic in my stash and move towards more sustainable and ecofriendly yarns. What do you think of these colors though?


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