FREE Meal Planning Worksheet!


I’m so excited to share this free download with you all!

I’ve found that meal planning, no matter how basic, is the best tool for saving money (and your sanity) on food. It seems the simple act of putting pen to paper helps me think ahead and be more conscious when grocery shopping.

I will admit I don’t plan every little thing and some impulse items still make their way into my cart, but at least when I get home from the store, I know I have everything I need for the coming week.

You can purchase meal plans or meal planning services, but I personally find planning my own meals to be more fun and satisfying. (For me, there’s always a caveat to any meal plan or service I’ve purchased, but I’ve learned about planning from all of them.) Even planning 3 or 4 meals for the week, and making enough for leftovers, helps decrease your mental load and stress.

Another tip for meal planning: Make enough on Monday and Tuesday to have leftovers or use (either as a side, full meal, or “remixed”) for Wednesday and Thursday.  For example, this week I made a big batch of Lentil Sloppy Joes and will use the filling later in the week for stuffed cabbage rolls.

Click the button below to download this FREE meal planning worksheet! Fill it out at the beginning of the week (or whenever you do your grocery shopping) and be on your way.


I hope this tool helps you to get on track with your eating and saving goals!


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