Finished Object Friday! Crochet Baby Doll

Bea’s Crochet Baby Doll I still don’t have a crochet tutorial to share yet, so I thought I’d share what I have been working on instead! My daughter is 14 months old and has lots of stuffed animals, but not many stuffed dolls. So, while browsing Instagram (guilty pleasure) I was inspired to make her […]
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How to make reusable produce bags from baby swaddle blankets

   Do you have old baby items lying around? If you have a baby or toddler, chances are YES, there are tons of usable items you’re either holding onto to re-gift to friends, for another child, or just because you haven’t gotten around to sorting through them yet. You may also have items that people insisted were […]
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What’s This About?

I’ve been putting off writing this first post for long enough, because I’ve been excited and nervous to jump into something new but also afraid of failing. See, I’ve had a blog, and a vlog, before and both slowly fizzled out. But I’m approaching this new venture with a new sense of purpose and organization, […]
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