meal planning

On Being “Perfect” – 3 Ways to Avoid Meal Planning

To tell the truth, I’ve been in a funk lately with cooking and with blogging. This pregnancy and having a teething, picky toddler have been exhausting so I’ve been getting by on standard easy meals like pasta and tacos, even takeout, with minimal planning. I keep telling myself there is nothing wrong with that, but […]
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FREE Meal Planning Worksheet!

  I’m so excited to share this free download with you all! I’ve found that meal planning, no matter how basic, is the best tool for saving money (and your sanity) on food. It seems the simple act of putting pen to paper helps me think ahead and be more conscious when grocery shopping. I […]
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Blog Update and News for 2019!

Hello Everyone! I’m excited (and nervous) to share some big news with you for 2019! After a lot of thinking and researching, I’ve decided to narrow the focus of craftyveganmommy to mainly vegan food and specifically, DIY tips and meal planning for vegan families. I’m talking about tips to save you money and time AND […]
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